Get to know Activities Director Jan Grigsby

Jan Grigsby has been Activities Director of The Pointe at Solarbron for an amazing 22 years. “I love coming to work every day,” said Jan, “it’s like visiting friends. One of the joys of being here, Jan continued, is how much I learn from the residents daily.” Jan started with no experience, “I could drive a bus, and that’s what I applied for, then they asked if I wanted to do this too? I was raised around my grandparents so I had a good understanding of the elderly. But as far as being an activities director, it was learn on the fly.”

And learn she did! Jan keeps her residents entertained every day with a myriad of activities. Jan said, “Usually we do about 10 outside activities a month. We’ll go to the movies, or the museum for example. The other day we went to an Evansville Otters baseball game. We have professors from USI come and give lectures and teach classes. We always try to build up both the physical and mental aspect of life. There is a monthly resident council and they help to determine the activities. The council will give me ideas of things they’d like to do and I try to incorporate as much of their ideas into the calendar as I can.”

The Pointe has seen the age of the residents rise over the course of the 22 years Jan has been there. “It’s better medical care, better nutritional information, and honestly because of the health care and people eating better, our residents are living longer. We have one beautiful woman here who recently celebrated her 110th birthday.” Jan devises activities both in house and outside in the community that will incorporate as many residents as possible. “Our seniors have earned a right to a relaxing comfortable life and I do my best to provide it.”

Jan’s office walls are decorated with paintings, drawings and remembrances of some of the residents she has had the pleasure to serve throughout her tenure. “I can’t say enough how much I love it here,” Jan said. “Every day brings something new and exciting.”

Solarbron has a beautiful campus and gorgeous living arrangements. They have days filled with activities and staff who go beyond the norm to make sure every need is met. Call Solarbron at 812.985.9955 to schedule a tour and see how they can provide the comfort and lifestyle you so richly deserve.